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Famous 5 Questions: Oh My Goff

You can find my photos of the news anchor Angie Goff here at FamousDC.comFamous 5 Questions: Oh My Goff

July 13, 2009

Oh My Goff, better known as Angie Goff, is the W*USA traffic anchor. She also happens to be the coolest TV personality we’ve ever run across.   A George Mason grad, Angie rejoined W*USA team after a stint as an intern back in 2001.

Angie has also been honored with an Emmy for her work at WIS-TV in Columbia, SC and was a top production assistant on the show Entertainment Tonight.

Ladies and gentlemen … you may never look at Washington, D.C. traffic the same way ever again.

Famous 5 Questions: Oh My Goff

1)      Do people ever tell you that you look like Vanessa Minnillo?

I’ve gotten it before along with Lindsay Price. Hey and I’ll take it– this after once being told my smile/laugh favored Roseanne Barr. Oh High School… so cruel, so cruel.

2)      Michelle Obama calls tomorrow and wants to head out for the evening in DC. Where are you going?

JCREW on Wisconsin– because I know we’d get everything FREE.

3)      Stopped traffic makes news for your morning. What’s the funniest traffic story you’ve heard from inside-the-beltway?

I’ve managed to maintain my composure when a tractor trailer carrying hundreds of pounds of shrimp overturned on the beltway and a disabled Krispy Kreme truck had police on the scene… but honestly the one time I almost lost it on air was when I had to report a Silver Spring accident on Kilkenny Street. All I could think of is "You bastards!" and then there were rats.

4)      What is your favorite Michael Jackson song? Why?

"Bad" no question.

Is it bad to admit that I really fell in  love with it after Weird Al did his thing? I knew it was true love when I was in 4th grade I bought a Michael Jackson valentine with the words "BAD" spelled out in chocolate.

5)      Fill in the blank: I read FamousDC because   _______.

I read FamousDC because I love Facebook Status Abuse (does that exempt me?) On Oh My GOFF! I have a little segment called "Inbox Exposed" where I air all my weird, crazy and mean email  and respond publicly with a little wit.. loving wit of course!

**BONUS QUESTION: From Mr. Yogato :

In the movie "True Lies," there is a line when Arnold Schwarzenegger is talking to Jaime Lee Curtis and says "Do it very slowly.  Do it deucimal."  For the life of me, I have no idea what "deucimal" means.  Can you please help?

Based on the word origin of "deuce" I believe whatever he was asking for he wanted it twice as good.

Pic courtesy Katharine Hauschka

July 13, 2009  

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