Wednesday, September 2, 2009

S & T Wedding

He was her scuba instructor, she was learning the ways of scuba- it was a match made in heaven! Despite a non lovely day, there was an absolutely lovely wedding happening in Virginia! Though we had plans and a permit to head down to the Lincoln Memorial to snap some shots of the couple who has a special tie to Lincoln, the weather just didn't let up at the right time for us to go. So we explored the hotel and came up with some fun and interesting portraits :) The wedding was held in the Galaxy ballroom at the Shearton in VA which overlooks the airforce memorial, and DC so once the sun had set (secretly-while it hid behind the thick layer of rain clouds) and the reception had started, we had a grand landscape view of city was a fun, sweet evening! Not only were the bride and groom a fun couple to work with but the bride had also worked hard all year on do it yourself projects to create such wonderful details so enjoy the photos and details- I know I had a great time working :)


  1. Loved the pics, Suzanne !!! Best wishes for many happy years !!!! :) Kristy Clark

  2. We had a wonderful time. Thank you for inviting us to share in your special moment.The picture turned out great. Best wishes.

    Kimberly and Michael Bullock