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Tracy Raver on Sleeping Babies- the Today Show

Sleeping Babies: Tracy Raver Photography on


By Amanda Pendolino on September 11, 2009

I’ve never been one of those girls who gets and silly and weird about babies (I find kids ages 2-7 to be much more entertaining), but I have to admit that these photos are adorable. Nebraska photographer Tracy Raver appeared on the TODAY show this morning to talk about her work, which consists of sleeping newborns (usually just around 2 weeks old).

Tracy says the babies are “naturally very sleepy,” making them pretty easy to work with as subjects. “What we try to work towards is natural curly positions like they would be in the womb,” she said. “They will bend very easily, and when they’re sound asleep you can do just about anything to them.”

Still, she says the environment in the studio is very important for the babies’ comfort. “The babies have to be very very warm, so we crank it up to about 85 degrees,” she said. “And we ask the moms that they have their bellies nice and full before they leave so that the drive to the studio gets them nice and sleepy in the car.”

Tracy uses props like hats and slings, though she says she likes to do something different with each kid and doesn’t really plan it ahead of time. “We kind of just read the baby,” she said. “Little girls tend to be a little bit feistier, so we have to work a little bit harder with them.”

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